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Diaspora Health Care Support program for Relatives and Friends
Diaspora Health Care Support program
Galilee Community General Hospital (GCGH) based on popular demand
from patients and well wishes initiated a Medical Health Care Program
aimed at Ugandans in Diaspora financing the provision of excellent
affordable medical care to relatives and friends in Uganda.

According to research many people in Uganda suffer premature death due
to failure to access basic medical care. Through this program GCGH can
provide medical care to relatives and friends of our registered Diaspora
members as per agreement.

GCGH also provide various FREE health care services for example
    • Diabetics and Severe Hypertension ( High Blood Pressure)
     • Extreme Emergency Operations (all covered)
     • Cancer Treatment in Early Stages and X-ray Facilities
     • Heart Disease and Asthma
     • HIV Secondary Care and Women Issues (Fibroids Operations etc.)
     • Dental (Root Canal Treatment and Other Cases)

GCGH often run Health outreach program where all medical services are
FREE. This gesture strengthens GCGH bond with the community.


Extreme Emergency Operations
(all covered)
Cancer Treatment in
Early Stages

Heart Disease


Women Issues (Fibroids Operations etc.)

Dental (Root Canal
Treatment and Other
Our care management team provides knowledgeable, culturally rich sensitive support in a nurturing environment with services available in all languages in the country, including French, and English.  Through comprehensive case management and coordinated care, Galilee Community General Hospital works to reduce emergency room visits and inpatient services, ensuring our clients stay healthy in the long run.
Through our client-centred approach, Galilee Community General Hospital removes barriers to health and facilitates access to primary and behavioural care. GCGH’s care management team serves as a bridge between our clients, health providers and community based service providers to address individual medical needs and goals in a comprehensive manner.
Here at Galilee Community General Hospital patients must be aware that our healthcare professionals are not motivated by financial gains but by ethical professional standards.
For more information on Ugandans in Diaspora Health Care contact:
Our London office located at:
18 Talbot Place, Callender Road, Erith Kent, DA8 3ET (UK)

Telephone (+44) 7886856510 
Fax (+44) 7957221311
Mr Patrick Sekaayi
Mr Fred Keays (MD)
+256-(0) 757-253-126,
Hematology Services
Diaspora Services
Our Patners
Our Vision:
Is to transform the health care experience through a culture of caring, quality, safety, service, innovation and excellence, and be recognized by employees, physicians, patients, volunteers and the community as: The best place to work, practice medicine, and to receive care.
We sought to be known as an excellent community citizen, embodying an organization of people working together to do the right thing every day to improve the health and well-being of those we serve. We envisage to become the best health care system in the country

Galilee Diaspora Community Services is a social support service agency that empowers families and individuals to maximize their abilities to succeed through culturally sensitive health promotion, family support services and advocacy

Our clients and believe by ... We make it our mission to maintain the highest standards in the service
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