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Galilee AIDS and HIV (ART) Center:
Phone: 256-706031140
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Procedures performed or problems diagnosed and treated

HIV testing and counselling
Primary care medical services for HIV-infected or HIV-exposed children
Multidisciplinary support services, including child life therapy, nutritional counselling, social services.
Procedures performed or problems diagnosed and treated

More Updates:
Galilee ART’s personnel, work closely with obstetrical services throughout the community to identify HIV-positive pregnant
women and refer them for appropriate follow-up health care and access to our free ARV medical services.
Important Note: The risk of HIV transmission to the infant of an HIV-positive pregnant woman can be decreased by appropriate
use of anti-HIV medicines during pregnancy and delivery and given to the new-born. Our hospital physicians are encouraged to
consult with ART staff department at any time regarding risk of HIV for infants.  Galilee
Hospital ART Centre:

Galilee ART centre is fully dedicated to providing primary care to children exposed to and infected with HIV
Our ART Clinic has provided care for HIV since 2010 and will soon be involved in government
HIV clinical trials
Galilee ART Clinic is closely linked to area resources via the Family planning and Immunisation groups with various NGO’s).
Information for Extended referral care services:

Information for Extended referral care services:
Appointments are available for
Children w
ith HIV infection
Children younger than 18 months old who have a parent with HIV
Children referred for HIV testing and counselling
Relevant medical records, test results and radiographs are requested prior to the appointment.
Also other services are provided in close cooperation with the patient’s referring physician(GP),  Diagnosis, evaluation and
recommended treatment information is provided promptly to the referring physician
Please provide the following when calling to schedule a patient for a diagnostic examination:
Patient name, date of birth, residential address and phone
Physician clinical findings or symptoms which caused the patient to visit physician Risk exposure
Description of Services

ART or AIDS-Related Medical Services, is a program at Galilee Hospital of HIV clinical care and research for children who are
HIV-infected or HIV-exposed. A multidisciplinary team of specialists, including physicians on the medical staff register and
other volunteering professionals, provide care for this rapidly changing disease.
The Galilee ART Clinic is a fully participating department for numerous NGO’s- sponsored HIV clinical services. A spectrum of
support services for HIV-impacted children and families is coordinated with hospital-based social worker with appropriate
confidentiality. Clinical staff also provides community education and emphasize prevention efforts.
Physician Contacts
Phone: 256-706031140
Contact Me.
Phone: 256-706031140
Contact Me.
Phone: 256-706031140
Contact Me.
Phone: 256-706031140
Contact Me.
Key Contacts
Miss Betty Nanfuka Counsellor
Phone: 256-706031140
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Counsellor/Social Worker
Phone: 256-706031140
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Mr Julius Egewu
Medical Lab Specialist
Phone: 256-706031140
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Phone: 256-706031140
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Mr Mayanja Phillip
Medical Lab Specialist
Mr Kalule David
Program Coordinator
Phone: 256-706031140
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