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Welcome to the Clinical Haematology Department

We provide a comprehensive clinical haematology service for the investigation and treatment of all blood disorders. We are based at the 2nd floor of our main hospital unit, and have facilities to care for patients in the outpatient, day care and inpatient setting.

We aim to provide a coordinated and holistic service that is focused on the complete needs of our patients. We offer five outpatient clinics per week, diagnostic services, outpatient, day case and inpatient treatments including chemotherapy, blood transfusion and other treatments. We offer patient and carer support, and access to specialist information and advice.

We work closely with other Hospitals and throughout the region to provide the best possible care for our patients. We support and when requested, give advice to and take advice from our medical and surgical colleagues and GP’s in our local communities.
Staff details
Lead clinician: Dr. Kizito
Services Manager:Mr David Kalule
Senior nursing posts and other staff
The service is well supported by a nurse consultant and nurse specialists

Nurse consultant
Anaemia management consultant
Blood transfusion practitioner
Myeloproliferative diseases consultant
Lymphoma trials consultant
Myeloma consultant
Sickle cell consultant

Psychology Team
Dr. Kizito - Consultant health psychologist & head of health psychology service
Mr. Fred Keays - Supervising & Director
Hematology Services
Diaspora Services
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